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[Please feel free to contact Dr. Jay Kant Raut, the curator (Email: nfdcurator@myconast.net.np) of this database if any errors or inconsistencies are found ] This searchable database provides various information on fungal species recorded within the territory of Nepal

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Bisporella citrina (Batsch) Korf & S.E. Carp.
Bondarzewia berkeleyi (Fr.) Bondartsev & Singer
Bjerkandera adusta (Willd.) P. Karst.
Bolbitius titubans (Bull.) Fr.
Bogbodia uda (Pers.) Redhead
Boletellus ananas (M.A. Curtis) Murrill
Boletellus dissiliens (Corner) Pegler & T.W.K. Young
Boletus edulis Bull.
Boletus luridus Sowerby
Bovista albosquamosa Kreisel
Bovista bovistoides (Cooke & Massee) S. Ahmad
Bovista delicata Berk. & M.A. Curtis
Bovista limosa Rostr.
Bovista fulva Massee
Bovista glacialis Kreisel
Bovista gunnii (Berk.) Kreisel
Bovista plumbea Pers.
Bovista pusilla Rostk.
Bovista substerilis Kreisel
Bovista trachyspora (Lloyd) Kreisel
Bovista vascelloides Kreisel
Bovistella poeltii Kreisel