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Domestication of wild mushrooms

Domestication of wild mushrooms Collection and consumption of various mushrooms have been regular practices for food by different local communities. Apart from food value, the mushrooms are important for medicine, nutrition, recreation and cultural value. Domestication of edible and medicinal mushrooms is one of the parts of bioprospecting of mushrooms. The consumption of mushrooms is one of the nutritional sources of the people of study area. However, deforestation and over harvesting are the major threats to the wild mushrooms. Therefore, artificial cultivation of such mushroom is safe and economically viable. During the field visit, PDA (Potato Dextrose Agar) and Agar media were used to culture the isolated mushrooms. A total of 19 mushrooms locally used by the Sherpa people were collected and cultured in the synthetic media. Out of 19 species, six were successfully cultured in the media. They are under the process of further experimentation. Their Physioco-chemical and nutritional requirement is being experimented in the controlled laboratory. Research Team: P Rana, A Giri, CP Pokhrel