Welcome to Nepal Fungal Database (NFD)

In Nepal fungi is the least explored biological resource in compared to plant & others so far. Though the complex geomorphology, diversity in altitude and climatic conditions have flourished the country with huge number of fungi. Most of the parts of the country are still virgin. Such valuable treasure might be disappearing from their natural habitat before its discovery due to several factors (climate change, rapid deforestation and urbanization, landslides, grazing, unscientific harvesting etc.).Thus, comprehensive exploration is essential in order to understand the status of such biological treasure for effective conservation and utilization for the prosperity of nation. Since the Reo (1991) and Johannesburg (2001) Summits of Convention for Biological Diversity (CBD), every country around the world has recognized the importance of its own biological resources. The CBD has conferred every nation a sovereign or permanent right on its biological resources, viz. flowering and non-flowering plants, animals – big or small, and microorganisms of all kinds (algae, bacteria and fungi). It has therefore become mandatory for every nation to establish nation’s biodiversity authority, document its bio-resources and set out guidelines for regulation of its biological resources. It has also been apparent that unless the countries have their own documented list of bio-resources, it is impossible to regulate the movement of organisms, big or small within and out of the country. Therefore, documentation of biological resources has become an urgent task.